The Dreamcatcher Sample Sale – All you need to know!

As the last appointments book up for this weekends Flash Sample Sale we have put together a few handy ‘need to know’ snippets of information to let you know what to expect. Equally, if you have previously ruled out buying your wedding dress from a sample sale – this may help convince you that its worth a look at least! With savings of up to 50% off the full price it’s an excellent opportunity to grab yourself a bargain if you have not already found ‘The One’ (and we mean dress, not future husband!)


What is a sample sale?

In a nutshell – a sample sale is what it says on the tin! When we buy our gowns, we are sent a sample dress to display in the store. This is the dress that you will come and try on when looking for your wedding dress and once you have decided then we order a brand new one for you from the designer. We only have a limited amount of space in the shop so in order to make room for new collections, every so often we will hold a sample sale event with the sample gowns marked down to a fraction of the original price.

What prices are the sample gowns?

The prices range by designer, however all gowns will have up to 50% off the RRP price.

Will I be guaranteed a dress in my size?

More often than not, the samples come in to us in sizes 8 to 14 and we are not able to pick the sizes we get sent. This means if you are purchasing from a sample sale unfortunately we only have certain sizes that are going to be available to you. There is a small amount of room for the gowns to be altered however if you are a size 14 and want to purchase a size 10 sample gown then it cannot be let out to fit. On the other hand, although our gowns can be taken in, if you are a size 8 and purchase a size 14 gown it will never look as it would do if it was purchased in the correct size. We would recommend only trying on gowns that are in your size to avoid the disappointment of falling in love with a gown that isn’t going to fit (even if you are planning on pounding the treadmill!).

When do I need to make a decision on the dress I want to purchase?

The nature of a sample sale means that unfortunately we will only have one of each dress. This means they are sold on a first come first serve basis. If you come and try on and then go away to think about it, it is possible the dress could then be sold in the meantime. Until we have received payment on a dress we are not able to reserve anything so we would suggest making a decision as quickly as possible to ensure you get what you want and are not left disappointed.

What about alterations?

We do have an in house seamstress, Helen and she is excellent at what she does. We offer an alteration and preparation package which includes minor alterations such as reducing the length of the gown and adjusting it slightly to ensure it fits the bride perfectly. Any major changes made to the dress, including customisation and deviating from the original design will be an additional cost and charged on a per hour basis for seamstress’ time. Once the gown fits perfectly it will then be steamed or pressed and ready to take away. You are in no way obliged to take our alteration and preparation package if you have a seamstress of your own that you prefer to use.

When will I collect my dress?

With all our sample sale gowns we ask that you take them away with you once you have purchased. This is due to the limited space we have to store the dresses. If you take out our alteration and preparation package you will bring your gown back in around 12 weeks before your wedding for fittings. We will keep hold of it then while our seamstress works on it until it is fully fitted and ready to be worn on your big day!

Some of the prices seem too good to be true! Are there any extra costs that I need to know about?

You will obviously need to factor in your alteration costs to the overall price of your gown. Our in house alteration and preparation package is £200.00. Some of the gowns with a fuller skirt may also require a hoop underneath to help keep the layers from catching as you walk and to enhance the shape of the skirt. These are completely optional and we do not include them in the price of the dress, however we do always have them in stock.

We do handle our sample dresses very well therefore we do not include dry cleaning in the price of the sample. If you would prefer to have your chosen sample sale gown dry cleaned we can provide quotations and arrange this for you – or you are welcome to do this yourself.

A final thought….

Come with an open mind! If you have not tried on any wedding dresses previously then it is worth trying on a few different styles and cuts. Even if you said you would never ever go for a particular style its worth trying it in as you may be pleasantly surprised!

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